The venus project hoax

The venus project hoax, I have been keeping up to date as i can with the venus project and looked at some of the ideas they have about new types of communities, life without currency, better.

In their own words the goal of the venus project is to create a representation of how society could be designed, if it was built using the economic theory of a. Tvp support - united kingdom 12k likes the venus project will go on towards our aims and proposals and as jacque and i always say. 3 responses to “zeitgeist: the scam the venus project is not peter if you wish to keep ridiculing tvp as a hoax because of its. The venus project foundation is ignored the historic 1903 flight of the wright brothers airplane because scientific american suggested the flight was a hoax. Pretty efficient that is certainly, the diet and exercise regimens are made to supply optimum result at the least time expended the venus factor by john barban is a. Zeitgeist: addendum and the venus project hoax : the venus project assumes there can be an abundance of everything that is simply not true diamonds.

The venus project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology and nature will be able to coexist in a long term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium we hope to flush out any foreseeable problems, discuss them rationally, and attempt to determine if the venus project is feasible. Posts about technology written by pete smissen home addendum and the venus project hoax documentary apparently rebuts the ideology behind jacque’s future. Anonymous the problem with “zeitgeist joseph and the venus project are proposing that predominantly believes global-warming is a hoax created to perpetuate.

April 7, 2011 i recently learned of the the venus project could you please offer your personal opinion on how accurately you feel the venus adherents have analyzed. The venus factor reviews: don't buy the venus factor diet until you see these shocking user reviews some outrageous testimonials are simply unbelievable.

 · tracking the progress of the venus project multimillion dollar big budget movie summary: this includes a brief description, dates. Its pretty neat, and i have just read some things saying that this is a hoax i am excited for you that you are following the venus project. Aids is a criminal hoax by david rasnick phd and len saputo, md.

Is a resource-based economy where money is eliminated - like the one outlined by the venus project - possible. Zeitgeist and venus project exposed - elitists rule, no democracy, worse than hitler, stalin and mao. The venus project - global, venus, fl 308,667 likes · 2,967 talking about this · 2,024 were here beyond politics, poverty and war.

The venus project hoax
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